Zoning Maps, Plans & Resources

Washington County Property Viewer 

The Washington County Property Viewer site provides access to interactive maps of property within Washington County. This site allows you to search either by address or property identification number (PIN). The Viewer contains parcels and air photos. 

Current Zoning and Subdivision Ordinances

Zoning and Subdivision ordinances of the City.    

City Zoning Maps

Current City Zoning Maps

Design Requirements Manual

The Design Requirements Manual serves as a tool for evaluating proposed commercial and multi-family developments. It addresses aspects of site development and building design that maintain and reinforce the character of each zoning district.

Sustainability Action Plan 

The Forest Lake Sustainability Action Plan was created to fulfill two purposes:
  1. To supplement the Sustainability Chapter of the Forest Lake 2030 Comprehensive Plan; and,
  2. To act as a comprehensive guide for internal city operations, external actions [related to planning and development], and as a resource for citizen education.

Engineering Standards

The purpose of the Engineering Standards is to provide consistency in the level of detail required for proposed plans involving public improvements, including street design and street accesses.

Zoning Comprehensive Plan (PDF)

The Comprehensive Plan serves as a guide to decisions about the physical development of the City. The plan sets broad goals and recommendations to direct the future growth and development of land use, housing, transportation, natural resources, and economic development.

Tenant Resources (PDF)


General tenant resources available to residents of Minnesota