Forest Lake, MN


How do I reserve a park facility?

You can request park facility reservation on our website by clicking on this link:

Facilities Page.

Do I need a permit to operate a business in Forest Lake?

No, the City of Forest Lake does not license all operating businesses. Business that sell tobacco/tobacco products and alcoholic beverages must be licensed annually. Massage therapy locations and adult entertainment establishments also require annual licensing, as do garbage/refuse haulers, pawn operations, and individual massage therapists

Does the City of Forest Lake require all solicitors to be registered with the City?

Yes, anyone soliciting business in the City of Forest Lake must be registered prior to any solicitation. Please contact the Deputy City Clerk for registration applications.

Are there currently burning restrictions?

Burning restrictions are set by the MN DNR. Please review their web site for current burning restrictions.  You can find the information here:

DNR Burning Restrictions