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Community Gardens Rental


  1. 1. Community Garden Rentals 2023 - Waiting List
  2. 2. Rental Policy
  • Community Garden Rentals 2023 - Waiting List

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    2. Plot Information

      Garden plots for 2023 are all reserved.  You will be placed on a waiting list and contacted should one become available.  

    3. I would like to rent:

      You will receive an email from the City of Forest Lake with payment information.  Payment must be received by the City prior to use of the rented garden plot.

    4. Specific Plot Requests

      Renters interested in a plot may indicate if they prefer a particular plot.  You will be contacted by the City with your assigned plot number.  

    5. Garden Map
    6. Staff will make all efforts to accommodate the reservation requests, however, in the event that the requested plot(s) is not available an adjacent plot will be reserved.  You will be notified by the City which plot number will be reserved for you for the season.