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Recycling Champions Sign Up Form

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  2. Sign up to become one of Forest Lake’s Recycling Champions in 2021! There is no formal volunteer or time commitment, and becoming a Recycling Champion is easy. Interested residents are required to attend one (1) two-hour training session to learn detailed information about recycling in the community. Recycling Champions will leave this training session with valuable information and resources to pass this education on to family, friends or neighbors. Recycling Champions are asked to find ways to share the knowledge they gain with others in the community. This might include helping a neighbor understand what can and cannot go into their recycling, or volunteer at an event to help promote recycling and properly collect and sort recyclables. Through this initiative, we strive to reduce contamination, and increase and improve recycling efforts in Forest Lake. If you are enthusiastic, enjoy learning new things and interested in being an advocate for recycling, this program is for you! Sign up today, and you will receive email notifications when the training sessions are available. 

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